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debbyryan: ryan river sessions → one
passion is heartfire. know what you believe in. let yourself be consumed with caring. fight for it with your life. and never, ever give up.”

Watch @EmanuelKiriakou pitch new beat ideas to @BridgitMendler #BeatBoxFridays [x]

#Waltz #WhenTheDarkFalls [x]

The flower petals falling around you symbolize your efforts to fall asleep (counting sheep if you will).

The fire represents your consciousness. You finally begin to lose it while the flame reduces to embers, but you soon snap back as your breath brings the flame back to life. #insomnia
- braverijah

Shane Harper for NAKED Mag (May 2014) [x]

Joshua Dun: She’s a…….fort. [x]

Shidgit in Shane’s livechat for Project Inspire [x]

Dance-Off trailer featuring Shane Harper, Kathryn McCormick, David Burtka, Carolyn Hennesy & Finola Hughes

Debby and Josh make an Arrested Development pun [x]